Monday, March 21, 2011

Why LG disappointed me with O2X once again

It's been a while, since I published post, about why I deicded to see what other manufacturers will present, before buying LG's dual core Optimus 2X.
A little bit of history: the device was officially announced 16th December, and was said to be launhced in Q1 2011 - first in Korea, than Eourope was supposed to follow.
The sale in Korea started at the end of January, and everyone (at least me) was excited to see it in Europe.
Nothing was sure until MWC (February 2011) - smartphone was presented to wide audiece, and LG calimed that it is comming soon.
Few weeks ago (around mid-March) first shipment of O2X came to Netherlands (Rotherdam is the largest port in Europe - every big ship arrives there), and the device was finally launched. The next to follow were Danemark, Belgium and Sweden.
But no O2X for the rest of Europe.

I have pre-ordered mine O2X from Polish retailer around 28.02, but still no package for me. Also Expansys changed few times their release dates, and I covered that in my previous posts. changed the launch date to 31.03, together with price increase.
Today I contacted the shop where I've placed my preorder, and they shared with me information, that the shipment may be delayed once again because of Japan tsunami - they were supposed to get it until end of this week, but this might not happen.

The LG Optimus 2X is a very good device, and was supposed to become market bestseller because of it's processing power, delivered by Tegra2. Fast release would be one of it's selling points, but it's nearly April, and on the horizon we see the GalaxyS II which includes double of RAM and SAMOLED+, there is also HTC Pyramid, with 1,2 GHz Snapdragon, 768MB of RAM, and with this devices in the same price range, customers may have problems with choosing LG as their next device.

I have canceled my preorder, now I'm waiting for CTIA, and will see if the HTC Pyramid is worth waiting additional few weeks more - I've waited so long for O2X, why shouldn't I wait more for (much?) better device...
I'm also thinking about paying few Euro's more, and ordering the O2X from Netherlands.


  1. Here in Italy is arrived and will be in stores from march, 24..

  2. you're true.

    I wait CITA and HTC Pyramid.

    I've pre-order a Optimus 2X but I think I can have all information about HTC Pyramid until the OX2 is release.
    I have mutch time for cancel my pre-order

  3. Lg dual available today in 3 Italian online stores (eprice misterprice bow) and soon available in stores.

  4. they don't made internatial shopping...

  5. I've ordered it once again, from Netherlands. Hopefully will arrive at the beginning of next week.