Monday, April 11, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S 2 release date & prices for Germany

It looks like Smaung's new dual-core flagship for 2011 has been delayed once again.
First rumors pointed that the mid-April will be the launch date for this smartphone, but latest news prove that it won't be that optimistic.

According to, they will start delivery at 13.05, and the initial price will be 604 Euro:

Amazon Germany is expecting the device in next 4-5 weeks, which is about 15.05, so the dates in both shops are similar, the difference shows when it comes to price, at you will have to pay around 50 Euro less for Samsung Galaxy S2:

I think that the price is pretty high, but is still reasonable for very good smartphone, the initial reviews will show us, if the SGS2 is worth it's price.

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