Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why buying LG Optimus 2X was a good decission

Guys, it's been a while, since I ordered my O2X, it's still isn't here (should be in the middle of next week), but there are many factors which tell me, that buying this smartphone was a very good decission.

1. Great hackability

The O2X is one of the few high-end smartphones which are not equipped with any type of encryption, which would prevent users from installing modified kernels, custom ROMs and recoveries. LG allowed users to take advantage of their devices.
It has been proved by Paul O'Brien, who already prepared CWM Recovery, MoDaCo Custom Kernel and MoDaCo custom ROM, increasing the funcionality of the dual-core O2X.

Recent news tell, that there is official CyanogenMod ROM in works, yesterday known Android hacker kmobs tweeted two photos of LG O2X running CM7 RC, which is based on Gingerbread.

2. Tegra2 CPU + GeForce ULV GPU

The NVIDIA's dual core CPU boosts the performance of Android OS, and is currently the most advanced SoC available on the market. The performance of device may even increase with new version of Android, which will take advantage of the real power of dual-core smartphones.
There were many articles showing why dual-core devices are so outstanding, my favourite one is from AndroidAndMe, you can check it out:

AndroidAndMe: 5 compelling reasons you will want to buy a dual-core mobile device

3. Good hardware quality

The LG optimus 2X was designed in rather conservative way, the design is rather simple and minimalistic. The materials which were used are ordinary, but solid. The O2X includes soft-touch plastick back cover with the metal strip, and GorillaGlass front with the curved edges. For me - nothing to add more, great that LG didn't used the shiny plastic cover like in Korean version.

4. TMobile G2X

Few weeks ago TMobile confirmed, that they will launch O2X as their next G-series device, running vanilla Android. This information is great for all European O2X owners, because it will boost user support for this device.
Also there shouldn't be a problem with porting G2X stock Android ROM to O2X, which is just another advantage.

5. Great relation of price - quality

The LG Optimus 2X isn't as overpriced as many new devices which are released/available for preorder, which makes it much more attractive. The current price equals around 470 Euro including all taxes, so it's very competitive.

In my previous articles I focused more on disadvantiges, proving that the LG Optimus 2X isn't a perfect device. Surely, but there are many positive factors which made me order this smartphone. It's one of the best products released this year, and with the growing community support I feel it will have a very long life.

Isn't that how the 'Nexus' device should look like?


  1. The community support stuff seems to be true and we all hope to.. but the CM7 screenshots were april's fool so... maybe you should change a bit the article :P

  2. No, it wasn't april's fools :D
    Why everything new what is posted at 1.04 is always treated as a joke... :)

  3. Hoping for a good dev community
    Still on a Liquid E with a GREAT community
    My next device will have better than Liquid E specs, sure, but most importantly, good dev community!

  4. Chewy - the O2X might be good for you - many devs have this device and it looks like it will have long life :)

  5. Hi, I'm new to LG.
    Was thinking to buy LG O2X too in coming month, but worry about the hardware and many friends use LG and said LG phones usually don't have long life span. ( none of my friends using O2X)
    so bit struggling here. >,<

  6. phone is great when it works which is almost never. Stay away from the O2X until LG actually fixes the bugs and produces a stable phone.

  7. well i jst want to ask coz i've read it some articles in different forums that o2x is always rebooting and freezes but it was posted almost a year a go... so it it possible that LG already fixed those bugs?