Sunday, January 9, 2011

How the manufacturer UI attitude should look

Nowadays every manufacturer is trying to make their devices recognizable among all others, at first sight, by unifying the user interface on their devices. So we have: HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, Acer Breeze UI, Motorola Blur, LG Optimus UI and so on.
But these attempts are not always satisfying customers, more, the bad looking UI can be the deal breaker when it comes to buying the new device. Many of users would rather go for stock Android experience, than wired add-on skins.

But one of the big manufacturers got that point, and solved it with one easy settings option. It was Acer, with their UI selector:

So simple, but in many cases - so needed.
Of course - you can say, that you can install ADW, and everything is fine.
But this option disables full custom UI - it reverts original notification bar, its placement, colors and icons, disables cutom lockscreen, and brings the default Android launcher in just one option.

How many Samsung, Motorola or LG users would love this kind of freedom...
Congratulations to Acer!


  1. Cool, except in cases such as sense ui, where there are underlying driver issues even when custom ui is removed. Perfect exampl being bluetooth

  2. My girlfriend's LG GW 620 Eve had such a menu! So theres hope!