Thursday, March 10, 2011

LG Optimus 2X delayed in some countries?

LG announced their '11 flagship device in December 2010, and it was said to hit stores in early 2011, starting in Korea, than continuing in Europe.
The Korean version is available since late January, about week about week ago people in Netherlands and Danemark recieved their pre-orders, but the most of people on the Old Continent must still wait - and it looks like some will wait even more.

According to Expansys, the release date changed for many countries, let's take a look:

For countries in the middle and west of EU (ex. Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic) the date changed to 3 April (original - 21.03)

For the United Kingdom, the date moved to 30.03

And lucky people from Netherlands can still order from local stores; here's a shot from one of them, which stock is nearly all sold:


I just hope that these date changes are for Expansys only, and soon will be able to get my hands on this sweet device.

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  1. Nice blogentry Pitter. I think that LG has ruined that awesome device by this. But I hope that it would give us better software.

    There would by LGO3D, and SGS2...etc soon...