Monday, February 14, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II price and release date revealed [INSANE!]

I checked today for some price info about upcoming SGS2. What I've found shocked me, the price is really high!

It's 649 GBP, which is around 772 EUR

IMO that is not the price which smartphone is worth, on other services the new GalaxyS II is priced around 540 GBP

The release date is said to be 18.04, while Engadget says that it will be out even this month.


  1. Well maybe you didn't notice Motorola Xoom price at Best Buy!

    BTW, SGS2 price will lower as soon as it's on the shelf, i guess it's going to be around 549-599€!

  2. I hope so, this is really good device.

    Yes, I've seen the Xoom and LG Optimus Pad prices, they are also way too high

  3. Screw the Tab 2/Xoom/Optimus Pad, I want the Flyer. I hope HTC gives it a reasonable price unlike some of these ridic ones by LG/Samsuck/Motorola. As a student, the Flyer would be PERFECT for me. Imagine replacing your notebook completely with a tablet (thanks to that stylus' note taking ability) or even better imagine all textbooks in e-book format on that tablet. Take a screenshot of a page you want to write on and be able to easily save the image to refer to later. HTC truly is the best, no tech company comes close in terms of innovation. Now I see why their slogan is "Quietly Brilliant."