Monday, December 6, 2010

My early thoughts after Nexus S release

So it's done - next "developer device" was shown to the whole World.

What's hot?

It's a Google device - latest updates of software are always welcomed.

IMO cool design - I like the overall shape of the device.

16 GB of internal storage is also appreciated

What's not hot?

I think my expectations were too big - I secretly dreamed of Orion CPU, and some other hardware details, which would be outstanding from current situation on the market. For sure it's the best device atm, but not in long term, as N1 did. For me Google failed with choosing the Galaxy S device to be sold as dev phone, instead of creating one from scratch.

No microSD card slot? Come on, that couldn't be true, especially in developer device...

I don't understand people so excited about front facing camera. We have seen them since Siemens U10, and video calling never gained high popularity in Europe. I've never made video call from mobile device in my life, I don't find it really useful.

The Nexus S was removed from my list of wanted devices :(

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