Saturday, December 11, 2010

LG Star - once again

Another leak of informations about upcoming Tegra2 monster device came from Engadget. They got their hands on the device, and they are impressed!

Still no Gingerbread, but they say it will likely launch with 2.3 in January.

Personally I think this device is perfect for me - looks solid, no piano plastic, featuring great hardware, I guess it's gonna get lots of fans all over the world.

Good to know that the Korean LG Star won't be the one to be launched in Europe.

Looking forward to CES 2011!



  1. I am torn between this and the Motorola Olympus. If HTC were to release a dual core device, EASY DECISION.

  2. Not too sure about the UI (looks kinda like TouchWiz) but impressive device nonetheless

  3. Yep, the UI isn't the strongest part of this device, thanks that we have 3rd party launchers, like LP or ADW.
    Also I hope this device will get officiall CM support, it would be really cool :)

  4. Rumors of an HTC dual core landing on Verizon next week?-

  5. Uh, I thought Thunderbolt will be Desire HD with 4G support...
    If, it's true, I'll wait for it's European version to come!

  6. Pieter, if you had a choice between an HTC Desire HD (HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T) and the Motorola Atrix on AT&T (4" display, 24-bit color 960x540 resolution, TEGRA 2, ONE GB OF RAM!, 5MP rear camera and VGA front camera but Froyo with MOTOBLUR and locked bootloader) or a 4.5" Galaxy S with a 1.2GHz processor, Super AMOLED Plus and Froyo, which would you choose? Leaning towards the Motorola but the new version of Sense and unlocked bootloader looks so tempting.

  7. Desire HD seems to be a bit outdated in the age of dual-core CPUs, but it's still solid device with nice community, Moto Atrix will be a MONSTER, but moto has bad habbits on locking bootloaders, the new Samsung will be also quite good, but screen is too big for me.

    I would go for Motorola, cause the Blur UI seems to work properly on Tegra 2, on DroidX it was laggy IMO. The specs are so sweet, compared to other 2 devices.

    But if the point would be the hackability, I would consider buying Desire HD, CyanogenMod will give it long live, and the last Snapdragon isn't that bad.